Best things in life are for free (sort of)

Sometimes last year was given some gift cards for buying wine from a popular liquor store by my sister, as she got it as a promotional item somewhere, and did not want to use it. I did not use it for quite some time, as I am not much of a drinker myself, am quite stingy when I buy wine once in a while, and the shop’s website seemed to show only expensive wines. When I eventually decided to buy any item anyway, I was about to press the ‘buy now’ button, when the “coupon” field attracted me. Hmm, can I find a coupon for this site. Turns out I could, and really easily too. Seems like a lot of sites are there where people have listed the coupon codes. I ended up buying 10 bottles at less than half the price (1 coupon code) and free delivery (another coupon code). Hujjah!!


After that, I recently saved my friend 15% on a flight that was not listed in the airline’s website, and was more a deal emailed to subscribers of that airline. I saved on some online courses I was trying to read. So now, I frequent the coupons website like whenever I go to buy something online.  I even check if there is any in-store coupon for any item I want to actually go to the shops to buy. So now I am a coupon addict. I wonder how I was living without it. I feel like not buying anything in the store if there is no coupon there…


I try to contribute too, but I find that other people are lot quicker than me in putting the deals I get emailed up in ozbargain 🙂 Not that I have time to update every time, but sometimes I feel like “giving back”, but am outrun. No biggie, at least people can access those deals and feel grateful. This is an excellent example of how internet has encouraged humanity, and I am humbled by it.