Life can be overwhelming sometimes. So many choices to make, so many lessons to learn, so many yearnings to yearn…

You fight for what you think is right. Or you fight because there is no other way out.

You don’t give up, because you just cannot imagine defeat. Or you give in because it just feels right.

Whatever you try to do, life always pushes you to the limit, but then always gives you the strength to pick up the pieces. Sometimes it feels like you are not going to make it, but you remember that there is always a silver lining and so you push forward.  You finally pull through and then you celebrate. You not only celebrate the victory, but celebrate life: you celebrate the good times and the bad…

Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times

Inspired by a few blogs about people fighting through various health complications that I came across this week. I won’t link them here, but you all will be in my thoughts…

Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times


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